25 thoughts on “SCG 2nd Test Michael Clarke Complete Innings

  1. For all you people who doubted and thought can’t shouldn’t of been
    ponting’s sucessor, IN YOUR FACE! Not only since he has become full time
    captain he has scored runs, he has lead australia brilliant and this
    innings prooves it completely

  2. possibly the greatest innings in test cricket that i have ever seen. he did
    not mis-time a single shot… everything was out of the middle…. it was
    beautiful. the only way it could have been better would have been against
    england lol

  3. Fantastic Innings, watched every minute of it, and what a great captain he
    is as well , he doesn’t care about records he just cares about the team on
    ya pup.

  4. what an innings. phenomenal, such elegant powerful stroke play one of the
    best knocks I’ve seen

  5. It was really very poignant, and a little melancholy to hear Tony Greig
    commentating. He’s definitely missed.

  6. I did doubt Clarke as Captain but this proved me wrong completely. What i
    want is consistency. I don’t expect him to get hundreds every innings but
    when Ponting became captain he scored hundreds quite regularly and then
    went on to make double hundreds too. Clarke needs to perform like that,
    make a 50, get a hundred, get a hundred make 150+ even 200.

  7. $6 million dollars a year for playing what can only be branded today as
    “fairy cricket”. that should buy a lot of moisturising lotion pussy!

  8. @den525 101% Agree Man… 7 innings r more than enough For the Indains to
    bowl them out..

  9. I don’t think many players would sacrifice a crack at the record books for
    the good of the team. A great innings from Clarke, but I think he had
    enough time to score a few more runs, at least till tea. 7 innings
    should’ve been enough to bowl India out, the extra hour wouldn’t make much
    of a difference.

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