25 thoughts on “Sachin Tendulkar vs SHANE WARNE-first time in India Sachin faces Warne in test cricket

  1. Blimey that ball at 2:20 spun a mile and real sharp too.

    Rather surprising that the great man should choose such an ambitious shot
    so early in his innings…..unlike him really.

    Hitting a Leg Spinner “Inside Out” is obviously a better option over extra
    cover than sweeping against the spin…But he most probably in hindsight
    would be thinking that he should of been hitting or looking to hit the ball
    on ground especially after the ball at 2:20 beat him and spun so much …..

    I am sure Sachin got his own back on another day and these two …had many
    epic battles against each other through their brilliant careers.

  2. the only time warnie had a big success against sachin!…after that,he had
    a hell lot of problems bowling to sachin…The Indian team was the only
    nemesis for the greatest leg-spinner in world cricket…

  3. Excellent bowling by Warne on this occasion! Turn, drift and length
    everything perfect! Had to be to get The perfect batsman out!

  4. Rather than all the crude nationalist moaning let’s just count ourselves
    lucky to see cricket like this and hope more greats will play Test cricket.

  5. this was 1st innings video. in second innings he smashed warne all around
    the ground and scored 155

  6. Great one, Robelinda. As always, thankful to you for uploading everything i
    know about cricket on youtube.

    I had a request. The first time that Sachin faced Warne was in a Australia
    v/s Mumbai match in the 1998 tour opener which Mumbai won by 10 wickets.
    Sachin made 204* in the first innings within a day. Warne’s figures were
    16-1-111-0. So the request is this: Can you really find the video on this
    one? That is considered as one of Sachin’s best knocks. This was also
    Sanjay Manjrekar’s final first class cricket match. Here is the url to the

  7. I remember this like it happened yesterday…. Warne doesnt have a clue
    what is going to hit him for the rest of the series

  8. I think sachin came back pretty strong and scored a 155* in the second
    innings . sachin completely was in control 

  9. Wow .! These two have been the best thing that has happened to cricket . 2
    legends , RESPECT !

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