25 thoughts on “Ricky Ponting – Australian Story – ABC TV

  1. Journalists are fucking parasites, way to back stab Australia’s 2nd
    greatest batsmen from your own fucking country you pathetic leeches, you
    should be shot on sight grubs.

  2. To all those who say Ricky is a cheater or he is a racist or that he
    misbehaves on field, Fuck you all…He is the greatest captain of all time
    and one of the greatest players in cricket history..And this is coming from
    an Indian….

  3. Love u Punter
    Best player ever to play this wonderful game
    Miss u my hero :(

  4. Punter one of the best in the world… He is arrogant, but he is an
    absolute pleasure to watch on the field . One needs to be talented to be

  5. why there is no mension abt aussies cheating in sydney test? catch taken by
    clarke and wicket of dravid…. amazingly biased take on the story…. else
    punter is a legend….

  6. LMAO…..Sports Journalists…..most of them are the greatest available
    tinder for a bonfire…..most could not find their own arses even if you
    gave them a mirror on a stick.
    Man if I saw one of those bastards on fire not only would I not piss on
    them…I would get to and back from the nearest petrol station ASAP!

  7. I wish he retired when he made a double hundred in adelaide and we won the
    series 4-0. What better way to end. That been said he is a true Aussie
    legend and the best Australia batsman since Bradman. His fielding was
    second to none and is one of the best ever. He was a good captain as well
    but not the best ever. 

  8. he wasn’t australia’s best captain but he was our best batsman since
    bradman and my favourite player

  9. I agree with Glenn McGrath, but I would add one more thing wrong with the
    English Cricket team; cheating

  10. australia new produce like a punter type batsman in near feature he is a
    true legend of australian cricket

  11. An absolute legend and my idol, no matter what anyone says he was a truly
    fantastic player and an even better captain 

  12. Magnificent stuff. Great player, competitor, and by the looks of it,

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