18 thoughts on “Can cricket ball spin anymore, Shane Warne at his best

  1. great question, yes there are young Aussies and Brits who want to wrist
    spin. But also South Asian finger spinners who chuck the ball. Warne is
    and always will be a legend. And I’m a Brit !

  2. ‘Oh, beautiful ball. Its going to miss the leg stump. warne thought he had
    it. It was a rip-slaughter of a delivery”. Tony Greig – RIP we miss you mate

  3. that is the most balanced comment i have read yet by an aussie…..good on

  4. I’m an umpire – Not out is the correct decision, due to where it hit him
    and he could argue that he played at it – but it would have taken middle
    and leg, no shadow of a doubt. The man was a freak, srsly.

  5. best and worst of shane warne , yes big spin ( helped by the foot holes )
    but never out as it didnt hit the batsman in line with the stumps and even
    if he wasnt playing a shot (which he kinda was ) there is no way the umpire
    could say it was gonna hit the stumps , personally i think it would have
    missed a second set , and the worst is warnes reaction , but then in the
    heat of the moment its excusable

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