24 thoughts on “Barbequed cricketer hung out to dry, Steve Waugh roasts Damien Martyn

  1. Rob you do the best compilation videos and you love your stats here is one for you Steve Waugh most run outs he was involved in 27 run outs next best was 16 be an interesting piece to say the least

  2. I don’t understand how you can be blaming Steve if your point is it was the easiest 3. If it’s the easiest 3, shouldn’t Damien have taken this easiest of 3’s? So i would have thought it was his own fault. (according to your reasoning anyway, otherwise it makes no sense).

  3. @dmartyn30, this was the easiest 3, what was Steve Waugh thinking??? Totally his fault! #hungouttodry

  4. I would say its more Marto’s fault. There was a 3rd run there and he started to run.

  5. And without troubling the scorers, Tugga was out hit wicket very soon after. Worth an upload that too.

  6. I love Steve Waugh and am not a fan of Damien Martyn, but geez he really stitched him up here…

  7. I don’t understand why Waugh didn’t turn around when he saw Martyn stop. The throw is going to the ‘keeper’s end, so he has plenty of time to turn back.

  8. Thanks for that Rob. Steve Waugh deciding he is worth more than the set batsman at the other end for a change. I would love to see some more Steve Waugh barbecues.

  9. Damien Martyn sold his partner down the river. It would have taken more time for Steve Waugh to stop, turn around and get back to his crease, considering the initial steps of Damien Martyn. Martyn just had to continue running, and judging by Harbhajans piss weak throw, he still would have made it in.

  10. @iamnoman2012 it says to me Steve was too quick between the wickets for most of the guys he was involved in run outs with, pretty obvious 🙂

  11. Whether there was 3 or not isn’t the issue. The problem is any other cricketer that has ever pulled on a baggy green cap would have looked at Martyn… seen he hesitated and stopped and turned to make their ground so that the TEAM didn’t lose a wicket.

    Steve Waugh knew Martyn turned back and would be run out… but Waugh had only 1 thing on his mind… not losing HIS wicket. Waugh never thought about the team if it was at his expense.

  12. There was three there easily. What was Martyn doing turning and taking two or three big strides and only then calling no? Waugh had no choice.

  13. I agree. There was a run there but that doesn’t mean you take it even if a run out is the eventuality. Steve Waugh was always a selfish cunt like that. Great player, but selfish. I guess you have to be to a certain extent to get to that level – selfish and single minded, but it really showed in Waugh’s cricket in instances like this.

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