12 thoughts on “Waugh’s last ball century

  1. Please answer, why was the century so important if he could make it the
    next day?

  2. One of the greatest moments in Australian Cricketing history. Steve Waugh
    was the best captain Australia ever had, he was a cold hearted tactician
    who was a genius. One of the greatest centuries ever made, a true captain’s
    knock. An inspiration to all Australian’s and cricketers across the world.

  3. Read his autobiography Out of my comfort zone and own the latest book about
    Luck (forgot the name). its one of the best sporting books i ever read. so
    much experience, wisdom and other great moments. I think he will always be
    in a very special place in australian cricket and sporting history. All
    bow to his greatness and excellency. 

  4. Not only a brilliant knock, but such was the sportsmanship back then that
    regardless of the attitudes on field, everyone sucked it up and gave credit
    where credit was due – not out of obligation, but of appreciation.
    Nowadays, you’ll hear a lot of public whining, and although you still heard
    a bit back then too, the respect for the opponent and the game was
    intoxicating. It made you fall in love with the sport all over again. Such
    a great piece of cricketing history.

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