Nathan Coulter-Nile is putting in some strong performances in IPL 8

Nathan Coulter-Nile is putting in some strong performances in IPL 8 and he might find himself in selection frame for the limited-over leg of the tour of England.

Coulter-Nile has actually been one of the most successful Australian players this IPL.

In India, it has often been difficult for the overseas fast bowlers to come in and create an impression because of the lack of pace in the pitches, but, Coulter-Nile has taken great advantage of his height and has troubled a lot of players with the bounce.

And, he has got such a nice high arm action.

Coulter-Nile is not the speediest in the world. His pace is quite average. He is not someone whom you would see bowling 150 kilometres per hour. He will be nagging somewhere around 135, but, his areas are almost always spot-on and that’s why, the back of the length or the short deliveries that he bowls, they are so effective.

With the batting too, Coulter-Nile has impressed. He hasn’t played any big knock though, but, some of the shots that he has played coming lower down the order, it definitely seems that he has got a bit of potential with the bat.

He has already represented Australia in a few One day Internationals, 10 to be precise and this summer, he would definitely win more international caps if he keeps performing like this. (more…)

Mitchell Johnson is no longer the fastest bowler of the Australian Cricket Team

Mitchell Johnson is no longer the fastest bowler of the Australian Cricket Team. It’s Mitchell Starc who has taken over from him.

Starc has come a long way over the last one year. He was quick before as well, but, he was pretty much a directionless bowler and that’s why, he would find himself in and out of the team all the time.

Six or seven months before the World Cup, he was not a certainty to be picked in the Australian squad.

But, not only did he get back into the frame with his hard work, he ended up winning the World Cup for Australia on his own, grabbing 23 wickets.

And, out of those 23, most were the top order wickets. In the final match against New Zealand, it was Starc who started it for Australia by cleaning up Brendan McCullum in the very first over with a swinging yorker.

McCullum could have tilted the game in favour of his team there with 10 overs of ferocious hitting, but, with him getting out; New Zealand fell behind and never recovered.

Starc’s speciality is that apart from being quick, he swings the ball as well and he swings it right through the innings. (more…)

Adam Gilchrist feels AB De Villiers is best Cricketer

Adam Gilchrist reckons there is no Cricket player going around at the moment who brings more value to his team than AB De Villiers brings to South Africa.

According to Gilchrist, there is nothing that De Villiers does not seem to be able to do on a Cricket field. He can bat in any game situation. He can be an elegant player and he can, all of a sudden, become the brutal basher as well and it’s not only his abilities with the bat which makes him a superstar, the contribution that he makes in the field or even behind the stumps when he keeps, it’s fantastic.

Gilchrist is also the fan of De Villiers’ captaincy. He likes the way the 31-year old sets example for the other guys. (more…)