19 thoughts on “Steyn: I took Clarke comments personally

  1. It’s nice to see player’s be honest and everything. In Steyn’s own words “I
    should be playing it down” and he didn’t, which is entertaining and
    refreshing. However he did completely provoke whatever Clarke said, so it’s
    weird that he expects an apology. Also it’s hard to imagine Clarke saying
    anything worse than “shut the f*ck you f*cing “.
    Why someone would hang onto that for so long I do not know, but who knows.

  2. a little uneasiness between the premier test bowler and batsman…..sets up
    for some exciting stuff 

  3. Australians(Johnson, Clark, m.marsh, Harris etc etc) olways undergo
    injuries like hamstring etc or they go for sledging, i must say Australians
    are just annoying . . . 

  4. saying anything nonsense will work against most of players..but not against
    steyn..clarke will only bring trouble to its team in australia..steyn will
    rip them apart

  5. South Africa and Australia should play each other more often. Both are
    great teams, capable of producing exciting/competitive brand of Cricket.

  6. Harden up you softcock, Why should Clarke apologise to you,you got what you
    deserved .If you dish it our be prepared to take it.The Aussies and every
    other team understands this except for you match throwing arseholes..

  7. Australia and South Africa could give Test cricket a massive shot in the
    arm by playing 4-5 match test series every two years in each country over
    the festive period. There is fat chance of that happening as CA would have
    to give up massive dollars losing the Boxing Day and New Years tests once
    every 4 years.

  8. Their chokers tag will remain till they advance to final and win a final in
    an ICC championship. Too premature to say they’ve shredded their chokers

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