6 thoughts on “Steve Waugh – ESPN Legends Of Cricket No. 23 (Part 1)

  1. My favorite batsman of all time. God bless u Steve Waugh. It was a pleasure watching you.

  2. most of the comments i’ve heard so far ,really don’t recognise how good this guys leadership was. because he dug so deep within himself ,he inspired and pulled it out of the rest of the guys.to the extent of utter domination and intimidation of other teams ,through their abilty to apply relentless pressure.we domintated much more than the windies did when they were kings

  3. when we took over from the windies as the world champs ,with those i think 17 test wins on the go, Sir Viv came out and saluted him,recognising his acheivement. also we won a lot of those tests by more than an innings; how’s that for domination.

  4. for me ,from his record,he’s probably the greatest captain ,cricket has seen .that team was as good as and maybe better than the girls in the aussi hockey team when rick charlesworth was coach. both teams had the ability to slowly crush the opposition so they fell apart because they couldn’t take the pressure. one of the best examples of this was the semi final against the south africans when they fell apart from the intensity of pressure. that was steve waughs leadership.

  5. @MrDavehef wow that musta’ been cool. My mom met him once, can’t say I’ve ever had the pleasure myself, though. Cricket is not my #1 favourite sport, but Steve Waugh is my greatest sporting icon/idol. Nobody has ever looked more badass on the pitch than Steve Waugh. He just had the perfect look, like he always had everything under control, and that confidence was always intimidating to the enemy. He’s a modern day Julius Caesar.

  6. I met Steve and Mark at a book signing when i was a kid. He asked me if i love my cricket and if i watch it on the telly. He and Mark shook my hand and gave me an autogragh. Great player, great bloke and most importantly one of the best captains we have ever had. Absolute champion.

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