25 thoughts on “INSANE CROWD 5th ODI West Indies v Australia 1999 – crazy scenes

  1. Ha ha ha…. That’s insane. Steve getting pushed, shoved and that was quite
    a scene. Crowd from that part of the world has always been over

  2. The funny thing is that the West Indian fans forced it to be a draw and
    therefore lost them the series

  3. Why was Australia given the 3rd run. Steve Waugh would have clearly been
    runout. The ball was returned by the fielder back to the bowler after the
    2nd run.

  4. Match should have been awarded by default to Australia! Ricky Ponting would
    leave the ground and never return if even 10% of this happened in his

  5. hopeless decision when SW was at strikers end bowler had disturbed the
    stumps then where the tie came from.
    Australian fan in this scenario crowd was near 30 yard circle so it was
    improper decision

  6. They should have given the win to Australia. That would strongly discourage
    the moron fans from invading the pitch in future.


  8. The result was not absolutely correct. The result was wrong. Now the crowd
    acted like retards, but steve waugh was dismissed before the crowd got to
    the middle. The stumps were broken when Waugh was coming back for his third
    run and Waugh did not even run the third. However, the crowd did spoil this
    for the WI. Stupid crowd. But it is a good thing this shit no longer
    happens in the WI. 

  9. Referee was either drunk or psycho. From video, it was clear that Steve was
    on no way to take third even though crowd was not there, he was miles away,
    infact was on opposite crease. Match cant be won by feelings, but by play.
    WI was the winner.

  10. the throw was good, the ball was collected clean. WI had won the
    match….the decision was wrong…period..

  11. another game where the WI were robbed of an outright victory. i remember
    looking at that game on tv and was surprised by the news later that

  12. My universe and others obviously, and the third umpire.
    But even so, if we are wrong, the correct decision would be to replay the
    whole game, or for the game to be tied, due to the insane pitch
    I’m sure the Windies wouldn’t be happy winning the game in that situation. 

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