Adam Gilchrist feels AB De Villiers is best Cricketer

Adam Gilchrist reckons there is no Cricket player going around at the moment who brings more value to his team than AB De Villiers brings to South Africa.

According to Gilchrist, there is nothing that De Villiers does not seem to be able to do on a Cricket field. He can bat in any game situation. He can be an elegant player and he can, all of a sudden, become the brutal basher as well and it’s not only his abilities with the bat which makes him a superstar, the contribution that he makes in the field or even behind the stumps when he keeps, it’s fantastic.

Gilchrist is also the fan of De Villiers’ captaincy. He likes the way the 31-year old sets example for the other guys.

In an event a few days ago, when Gilchrist was asked to name one player who is more valuable than anyone else in the Cricketing circuit, the Australian legend said, “I think its AB De Villiers. I have not seen a player as versatile as him for quite a while. He can do anything and whatever he does, he achieves success. Recently, he bowled a bit in New Zealand and he ended up dismissing a couple of players. He is quite extraordinary.”

“Needless to say anything about his batting because everyone knows how good he is in that department, but, you see the other aspects of his game, he contributes everywhere. There are very few guys who are equally good with the gloves and in the outfield and AB is one of them.”

When asked about his thoughts on the World Cup and if he thinks it’s going to be a bowler’s tournament this time around given it is taking place outside the subcontinent, Gilchrist said, “No, it would not be the case, I don’t think. Especially the games that are to be played in Australia, they would be high scoring. The pitches have been quite flat this summer.”